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Spring Clean NI Commercial Cleaning Comp

Est 2003

Where Integrity is King®️



"Probably" the most reputable cleaning business in Northern Ireland 


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​Our reputation is based on trust, transparency with exceptional cleaning standards.

What does that actually mean? Trust?? And why do we think it is so important to showcase to you? 

You need to know that we will act with integrity at all times. By seeing, hearing and knowing important things that we come across day to day. That we will act in a professional and dignified manner. You need to know that we will hold any information obtained with the highest regard and respect.


We believe that we offer you; 


Head space 

Peace of mind 

Old fashioned values, that once now appear to be outdated. These are our Company core principles. 

Value. Respect. Integrity. Trust.

We believe that once you delegate your cleaning to us, you'll never look back. 


We know you cannot disinfect without cleaning first so as a response to the outbreak, from 24th May 2020, we made deep cleaning compulsory before the commencement of any existing or new contracts.

As well as maintaining our existing processes for checking cleaning on completion, we can now provide ATP testings showing results both before and after.  


You will be provided with a 'Certified Spring Clean' **certificate on completion.


Our reputation for quality, as well as attention to detail is something we are extremely proud of.

**This is associated to our Company only and the name was trademarked in 2018.  


We can strip and seal your hard floor surface using the latest technology and equipment available. 

Our work can be completed 'out of hours' so that minimal disruption occurs to both you and your business.


Restoring your flooring will not only provide a beautiful shine and professional image, but will also help to maintain it for longer by putting an extra protective layer over the surface. In many instances a film can often help reduce the risk of falls/ injury as this may minimise slips. 

From tiled and factory flooring to 50,000 square feet warehouses.

Each job is individually priced.  


As part of our contract cleaning we offer our clients external window cleaning using the latest high reach and wash window cleaning system.


This is eco friendly and reduces the need for ladders and any chemicals used in the cleaning process.  


Who we are....


Our Company began in 2003 carrying out cleaning to both commercial and residential clients.


We completed our first deep clean back in 2004.


The amount of experience and knowledge we have gained during this time has been incredible. 

We are immensely proud of the Company that we have become. 

Our vision...


It was always very clear from the off set. We wanted to change the industry. Create a place that people were not only proud to work in but also loved doing what they do. A tough ask, especially when cleaning was not as trendy (as it is now). 

So, what is it we do?


Well we offer both contract  and one off cleaning to Corporate & Commercial clients, the Health Care sector, Councils as well as Schools.


Unfortunately we no longer clean for residential clients since April 2019 - however we still continue to clean for our existing ones, some who had been with us for up to 14 years! We also have been taking care of our commercial clients for up to 12 years.  

We specialise in deep cleaning, carry out floor restoration and complete high level window cleaning.

We always believed that we were more than just a cleaning provider....


And here's a little marketing to tell you why... 

  • We have invested heavily into the latest equipment and products that will help fight the pandemic. Keeping our clients safe, as well our employees is our number one priority. We will never skimp on costs.

  • All team have been trained on cleaning during this pandemic and we constantly up date our processes and monitor, making improvements where necessary.

  • Since Covid-19 we have shown that our values, principles and ethos will ALWAYS come before profit. With an average of 3 calls per day, we made a decision back in early February 2020 to focus only on our current clients. That loyalty remains in place and only when we are confident with our processes and have our additional newly recruited team members ready, shall we take on any extra work. 

  • The most negative feedback we ever received about our company over the years was that we were "Too Fussy" and also turned away businesses who would not accept the minimum hours we recommended. We stopped completing 'budget cleaning' many years ago and decided to align ourselves only with companies who valued the work that was required in order to maintain high levels of cleaning throughout.

  • During the pandemic we closed for one week, with a maximum of 4 weeks of Furloughed employees. Our mission was to help ensure our team's mental health was stable during a very difficult and worrying time for most. Looking after our team is not just a marketing statement, it is a genuine process that we will always display so that we can be held accountable. 

  • In 2018 we decided to make our Company more niche and trademarked 'Certified Spring Clean'. We were so impressed with the Australians who made it law to hire professionals in when moving house. 

  • As well as providing this internal certification following deep cleaning, we recently invested in ATP testing. It will allow us to monitor the levels of hygiene both before and after cleaning takes place. Whilst this cannot check for Covid-19 it will show comparisons of bacteria on surfaces and is used widely for hygiene verification. 

  • We have returning clients, as well as employee's - some of which have been in and out of the Company 3-4 times. This makes us immensely proud and hopefully show cases that with us - "it's personal".  

Spring Clean NI Contract Cleaning Compan
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To make us part of your journey...

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